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Doctor Who/Merlin AU

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Arthur’s moving castle :  A Howl’s moving castle (movie) AU ♥

Merlin lived a quiet, normal life, working in his uncle Gaius’s apothecary shop in the nice city of Ealdor, and he was perfectly fine with it. Until one day when he went to visit his best friend Gwen at the pastry shop and found himself cornered by drunk soldiers, only to be saved by a mysterious and very handsome man, then be followed by strange shadow creatures and made to walk in the sky.

Of course, it couldn’t end there and he ended up transformed into an old man, forced to ran from his home and seek refuge into the moving castle that haunted the hills above Ealdor, inhabited by the infamously cruel sorcerer Arthur.

Ok so this is something that I mentionned on the PL chat and that I HAD to draw because oh my god this AU is perfeeecccct. Arthur as Howl is perfect. Merlin as Sophie is perfect. Morgana could be either the Witch of the waste of Suliman. For the rest… I think it’d work well as an AU of the book.

I’m sorry I can’t draw kids or old people. This was all a bit rushed but I had to draw it. The first drawing is indeed a try at Ghibli’s style, which I failed magnificently, but I had a lot of fun drawing it haha. 

There will be more of this later accompanied with a fic not written by me but shhhh it’s a secret ♥

Doctor Who + Merlin AU

No one has lost so much as The Doctor, so when Merlin tells him he has lost Arthur, all that The Doctor can think about is how he’s not going to let that happen.

another ‘what if merlin and the doctor met?’



this sums up the entire show

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Merlin, Arthur and the first Triwizard Tournament - AU

After he announces Merlin as his court sorcerer, Arthur declares a tournament be held every year to find the best warriors in both magic and brawn. Arthur, being competitive by nature, makes a wager with Merlin (in which the loser has to do anything the other asks) and is convinced he will be the victor. Unfortunately, he soon realises just how powerful his ex-manservant really is.

what if..merlin  competed in the triwizard tournament?


Request - Merlock AU

Arthur Pendragon is the most infamous detective in London, loved by the city and hailed as one of the most impressive deductive minds of all time. Little does he realise that the real reasoning comes from his partner in solving crime Merlin, who is secretly the brains of the two.

what if..merlin and sherlock crossed over?